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Time for a Website Hosting Upgrade

With recent staff changes and many new experiences, we at Cohesion Media have decided to upgrade our hosting, passing on more reliable website hosting services to our valued clients. Choosing the proper website host for your business is too often overlooked. With our new Cohesion Media VPS, or Virtural Private Server, our clients are no longer at the mercy of shared website hosting, and only our clients’ websites will be held on our server. We have invested time and money for this upgrade and as a result our clients’ websites will be more secure, have faster website performance, and more reliable service.

shutterstock_56053297[1] (2)


If you are interested in hosting your website with us, feel free to contact our sales department for more information. We offer flexible hosting and maintenance packages starting at just $35 per month. You can also pick your own hosting program through our partnership with GoDaddy web hosting.


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Ryan Loyva

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