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The Sun Is Always There, Sometimes You Just Can’t See It.

From the beginning, nobody ever said owning a business was easy. This week exemplified that.  It started out a bit rough, but eventually the sun does shine through, and that is why I am very happy to report that we still supplied three customers with new logos that they love; nearly completed two very complicated database & inventory management systems; set up a few new Facebook fan pages and launched a brand new website for a great organization! We are so proud to be part of the High River Block Parent organization, and enjoyed helping them with the design and creation of their new website and awesome business cards, which they gave out at the High River Trade Show. It’s helping organizations like this in our own community that shows Cohesion Media’s true value to our town, clients, staff and families. This is why we own our own business, and why we love what we do (more often than not). Have a great weekend everybody!

-Ryan Loyva 

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