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The Art of Business Cards

“What a nice business card!”

We love hearing that, and hear it often. If you wouldn’t mind hearing people say that about your business cards, let us start you off with a few things to think about.


Stand out!

With so many businesses competing for their slice of the pie, it’s no wonder that we are hit with hundreds of marketing messages every single day. Along with websites, brochures, billboards, and radio ads, business cards are another marketing tool that adds to the amount of marketing swag we collect. People are over-saturated with the number of business cards they receive, so let’s face it… they aren’t going to be hanging on to all of them. If you want people to keep your business card, it needs to stand out.


Set yourself up for success

Getting your business cards to really represent your brand and stay away from the “average” or “ordinary” categories can be a big challenge. Especially if you try to do it all on your own. This is why your branding company should have an experienced team of graphic designers that incorporate the newest print and design technology to give you a unique look that will set you apart. Having a branding firm help you design your business cards won’t just save you time, it will save you money since you won’t have to pay to do them right the second time.


The business card experience

We believe that a fresh and distinctive business card creates a good experience for the person receiving it. Think about when you get a generic business card that is (in the nicest way possible) boring. Now think about when you get a business card that blows all other business cards out of the water with an interesting design and advanced print technique. You see what we mean? When you receive a business card that is way beyond average you enjoy looking at it and are glad you got to see such an innovative piece of professional art. When someone goes through their stack of business cards deciding which to keep and which to throw away, having that good experience in mind will help keep your card out of the garbage.


Just a few more pointers…

We also think that business cards are an important piece of the branding puzzle. When a potential lead wants to phone you back, your business card is a major branding touch point (similar to your website’s ‘contact us’ page). It’s what they look at when they want to connect with you, and what will give them that visual reminder of your company. Not to mention that being only pennies per card, they’re one of the cheapest ways to get your brand out there.


Get it. Together

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