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“Success in Small Steps”

After a great long weekend I figured I had better check in with another “view from the top”. Our past couple of weeks has been some of the busiest we have had in years and well a timed visit from family for the long weekend has been a great time to catch up and relax a little. We recently had a business card design internationally recognized as well as managed to save multiple websites from being down or lost by previous service providers and our team stepped up during these trying times, thus I have come to realize that we are truly blessed to be able to do what we do and do it as well as we do.

The past couple weeks have brought new clients including Terry Grant, (yes the real man tracker) who we have now successfully transferred his website, domain and social media accounts so we can continue to grow his brand with creative and dependable website and marketing solutions. We also managed to deliver the new website for the newly reopened Museum of the Highwood two weeks early to coincide with their grand re-opening and for that, I thank our other clients who had to be patient in some minor cases for their projects to be completed.

Thank you to the team at Cohesion for continually raising the level of service and products for our clients.



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