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Get It Together Package

Are you looking for advanced marketing support?

If you are looking for the services of a fully staffed marketing team without the annual salary, our Get It Together package could be your solution. With daily Facebook maintenance, weekly scheduled contact from your dedicated marketing expert and customized, professional graphics created every week, we provide strategic direction to keep your brand thriving.

What is included with the Get It Together marketing package?

Finding new ways to communicate with our existing and potential clients is very important, but it’s important to ensure that all your messages are properly aligned around your core brand. This makes it easier to identify your target market, and to craft your message to both grow your brand, and your sales/

Our social-based strategy provides your business with access to a full social media, website and graphics team.

Full package starts at $1,000 per  month, and includes:

Facebook Maintenance Service

SUMMARY: We work with you to generate content and make sure each of your platforms is active and updated to keep your fanbase engaged and entertained. We are there to monitor any customer comments or messages, and will contact you as needed for further direction or information.

This package includes:

  • Research to gather relevant content for publishing/promoting on the Platforms
  • We include a monthly one-hour strategy meeting with you to discuss content opportunities and ideas
  • Platform customization and graphics as determined by Cohesion Media
  • Targeted/informative 1-2 posts/engagements per business day/platform
  • Responding to public Customer Service issues/requests
  • General Maintenance of client public information (hours of operation, location, etc.)


Strategy session for website and graphics

Every week you will receive:

A scheduled call from your dedicated marketing expert to discuss your website and graphic needs, and to review performance of existing tools

Up to 3 hours of graphic design services for both online and offline promotional strategies

Opportunities to discuss social media ad campaigns, website and landing page strategies, increased social media focus and offline media options such as print and radio 

Upon request, you will receive a Google Analytics report to monitor your website traffic and trends

Advanced SEO maintenance

Monthly billing 



*if you require additional graphic design, website maintenance or social media services that exceed what is included with your package, you will be notified by our office prior to commencement of work, and an hourly rate of $75/hr will apply.