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about cohesion media

Harmonizing Our Skills

With a passion for design work and a talent for project management, Cohesion Media flourished from the perspective that harmonizing skills produces a higher quality project. If designers can focus on designing, managers can focus on projects and sales can focus on clients.

Starting Out

Cohesion Media was established in 2005 by Ryan and Marla Loyva. Both have been involved in the website design and marketing industry for over ten years, and have enjoyed working with various-sized organizations to develop their online presence. Through the years, they have worked with businesses that were new to the virtual world, and many shared stories of previous negative experiences with their attempts to get a website.

This cultivated the idea that a higher level of project management was required to assist growing businesses and other organizations to develop an all-inclusive strategy to get their message out to their customers. Not just with websites, but having a single source responsible for all their advertising and marketing needs. This saves time and money.

Getting It Together

It was the collaboration of these two experiences and backgrounds into one company that prompted the name Cohesion and the mutual vision of helping other businesses realize their marketing potential that established the foundation of Cohesion Media & Design.