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step 3 : your new website

To allow us to manage and maintain your website properly, we require access to your domain (DNS). 

Domain Name Server (DNS)

What is a domain name?

Your domain name (indicated below by the red arrow) refers to the web address of your website and the name your site visitors type in to find your website. Other commonly used terms for domain name are URLs and Web address. For example, our domain name is www.cohesionmedia.com

What we do:

Your domain name needs to be renewed annually. If a domain is allowed to expire, someone else can register your domain name, and your email can also be interrupted. We maintain your registration and associated emails.

New Domains:

If you do not currently have a domain name registered, we will register one on your behalf, and list you as the Administrative Contact. This gives you ownership and control of your domain. We list ourselves as the Technical Contact, so that we can take care of any technical related issues on your behalf.

Existing Domains:

If you already have a registered domain name, we will transfer registrars and hosting to our servers. When your domain name was registered, the email address above was provided as the Administrative Contact. This may have been done by you personally or by your previous website design or hosting contact. We will send a Transfer Request to the Administrative Contact email address, which can then be forwarded to us at domains@cohesionmedia.ca.


Email Account Set-Up 

Alias Email Accounts (up to 5 addresses) – included with Custom Website Packages

An alias email is an address that simply forwards to an existing email address. For example, info@gardencare.com could forward to davesmith@shaw.ca. It is a forwarding address only, so no login or password is associated with an alias account.

Benefits: You don’t need to check any additional accounts for messages – they all arrive conveniently to your pre-existing email accounts. It’s important to note that when you reply or send email messages, they will come from your original email address. Another benefit of email accounts is that you can have one alias address forward to multiple users.

 Standard Domain Based Email Accounts (up to 5 accounts) – $50

 A standard domain-based email account can be set-up for up to 5 unique email addresses. These accounts can be accessed online from your web browser from anywhere you have internet. Standard web-based email accounts can be used in conjunction with alias accounts. For example, you may decide to create a standard account using your first name, such as dave@businessname.com, and also create an alias account for sales@businessname.com that forwards to dave@businessname.com. Lot’s of options and email combinations are available – feel free to ask us for more information on creating your email accounts.

 Standard Domain Based Email Accounts (up to 10 accounts) – $90

 Need more than 5 email accounts? This package includes the same features as described above, but includes up to 10 unique accounts.

 Standard Domain Based Email Accounts (up to 20 accounts) – $200

 If you are looking for additional IT support to assist with mail client set-up, this package offers phone support for the set-up of up to 20 unique accounts.

 Premium Email Management System (up to 20 accounts) – $400*

*Monthly fees to Microsoft apply

Premium domain email address set-up including instructions on mail client set-up, phone support as needed, full device email synchronization capability and email back-up services. To learn more about the security and benefits of Office 365 Business Email has to offer, click here.

 The prices above include email account creation only. If additional support is required, we have partnered with Jolee Electronics to provide a full suite of IT Support Services to suit your specific requirements. At your request, we would be happy to put you in contact with them.


Creating Your New Website 

Custom Theme design

The first stage in the design of your website is creating the theme: the overall look of your site. Based on the information provided in your Marketing Session, we will create a custom-designed website layout that will showcase your brand effectively. We use a combination of science and graphic design to develop our web themes. The scientific aspect is based on published data resources that monitor how viewers typically navigate various websites; what makes them stay longer, what increases their likelihood to venture past the homepage and alternatively, what turns them off.

You will receive a PDF preview of your website homepage, which will give you a clear picture of how your website will look. However, keep in mind that since it is only a PDF, it will appear much smaller on your screen than once it is programmed and published to the web. This will be your opportunity to provide feedback and ideas for the look or theme of your website. 

Website Content

The Theme Design phase may be the most interesting part of the website design process; however, it is not the most important for the success of your website. You may have heard the popular phrase that “Content is King” when it comes to website success. It is crucial to have valuable and relevant website content that will engage your customers, attract search traffic and help build your business. We have professional website copywriters who will interview and work with you to develop rich, engaging and SEO friendly web content that will engages your viewers. They will help organize the information you provide in a sensible format on your website, which is easily navigated by viewers. 

Every business or website owner carries a wealth of information in their heads: but often that’s where it stays and they only share it with people they talk to. Taking your knowledge, turning it into web content and publishing it makes it tangible and available to your prospects. An article or tip that you publish on the web can be the start of a conversation with someone who will buy from your company.

There is more than just text on those pages too! This is the time to prepare and send any photos, images or documents that you want included in your website. Once the content has been finalized, it will be submitted to your for final review and approval. Once approved, it will be prepared for upload to your website.


Once we receive your confirmed website content, we will have a clear understanding of the information you want to share on your website. During the programming stage, we will work with you to find the most efficient ways to showcase the information, and discuss programming options that you may choose to include. Website plugins can add unique and user-friendly features to your website that significantly improve the user experience. 

During the programming stage, we will send you a Site in Progress (SIP) link, which will allow you to view your website while it is under development. You will be given a login username and password which will allow you to access the “back-end” of your website.  


We’re ready to go live! When your website is nearing completion, we will confirm a website launch date when your new site will be scheduled to go live. It can take up to 48 hours for all Internet browsers to recognize the changes, so you will want to wait a few days before announcing that your new site is live.