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Depending on your familiarity and comfort level with Internet and related technologies, you may be wondering what specific IT services are included with your website design package. This is especially true regarding the set-up of email and mobile devices. For a full description of the email address options available to you, please click here.

If you opt to get a new domain-based email address set-up, we will provide you with your email address and temporary password, as well as the url link to access your webmail. Many of our customers are interested in getting further assistance with email set-up on mobile devices or email programs such as Outlook on their personal computers. Although we consider ourselves fairly tech savvy, this is where we call in the pros! We are partnered with an IT company that provides outstanding assistance in the IT areas that go beyond website design and email creation. We will gladly have them contact you for fast, personal IT support services. 

Rates vary depending on support required (i.e. on-phone support, on-site support, etc)