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Mobile Website vs App

Does your business need an App?

Recently we have found that some of our clients want mobile friendly websites or apps created for their business. For many, a mobile-friendly website will be their best bet. It will have more accessibility to users, be easier for owners to update, be more compatible to various browsers and devices, and be more cost effective. Websites designed by Cohesion Media are built to be mobile friendly, which gives our clients a further advantage over their competition. Some website design companies charge extra for this feature, but in today’s market, we think creating a user-friendly website with less limitations has more value. That is why we do it for every website we build.

iStock_000021652636Large - Copy

When is an App the right choice?

An app makes sense when calling for interaction or “gaming” is important. Also, if personalization for the user is important, such as location or special interest. For example, the weather network app allows you to quickly view the weather updates that are relevant to you. A third situation which may call for an App would be if the data you wish to share needs to be viewed in offline situation. An example of this would be statistical data or again, games.

Some of the most useful apps are business directories, news and entertainment sources or interactive entertainment/gaming apps.

After all, staying connected in 2012 is a must and mobile websites and apps are a big part of that.


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By Ryan

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