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Continuing to Be a Part of the High River Community Spirit

In response to Craig Baird’s March 13, 2013 editorial (“So Long High River, It Has Been a Slice”) and Nancy Middleton’s addressing of it (“A Spirit of Pride in Our Community”) in the March 19, 2013 edition of the High River Times, I wanted to take a moment to explain why myself and my wife choose to move to High River a few years back.

 In 2009, Marla and I moved to High River for two simple reasons: to raise our family in a small community and help grow Foothills Region local businesses via online mediums. Having both worked with other marketing agencies, we knew that online services (i.e. websites, social media platforms, etc.) were often not affordable for companies within the Foothills Region. We wanted to provide the same level of, if not higher, quality services that other companies offered, but at a more affordable price.

 We feel that through Cohesion Media, we have been able to help many local companies, non-profits and organizations raise their online profiles with the personalized service options; options that have made online marketing affordable to all local businesses. From developing such tools as highriverdelivery.com (a shared website for local restaurants to offer online menus) to our “rent-to-own” payment plan for website development, we have continually looked for ways to help boast High River’s companies online.

 While we are proud of being able to help companies learn and understand online marketing, we are most proud of the sponsorships, charities and other community support opportunities that we, both individually and through Cohesion Media, have been involved with.

 Being involved in the community on so many levels, we have thoroughly enjoyed helping to raise awareness, money and so much more for the Foothills region through:

  •  Our Okotoks Oilers sponsorships, Ladies’ Nights and Guys’ Night Out,
  •  Foothills Snaps Charity Golf Tournament, Donated the new logo and website
  • The Cohesion Classic Golf Tournament, this year raising funds for KidSport Foothills,
  • Providing discounted websites (i.e. High River Chamber of Commerce & High River Swim Club, Nanton Chamber of Commerce, High River/Alberta Block Parent Association, Rio Vista Golf Course)
  • Donating prizes, social media lessons, etc. to local groups, and
  • Supporting local business whenever possible (i.e. eating at local restaurants, shopping at local shops, and always promoting our clients whenever possible)

 We have been able to make some amazing friends and build wonderful relationships in High River and we look forward to continuing to grow and nurture these relationships.

Unfortunately, as Craig Baird noted, like any profession, our company has not come without criticism. Over the past few weeks, there has been a rash of rumours spread about our company. While we recognize that this is part of running any business, we do not want this to affect how we live within a community that is a wonderful place to raise a family.

 We care about High River as a community, enjoy immersing ourselves in its activities and love seeing its businesses grow; however, we cannot live in a community that does not separate the people from the business. We do not want to have another “It Has Been a Slice” moment, which is why we are actively asking High River to please look at the good we have been able to accomplish. Just as you are all in business, so is Cohesion Media. I guarantee that Cohesion is here to educate and add value to local businesses, yet bad mouthing a company dedicated to High River’s growth is essentially a slap in the face to all the good that this company has done. It is simply a matter of whether a community can support a company, and a family, which is 100% dedicated to helping the Foothills Region, and its local businesses reach their potential.

 We have been enthusiastic about being a part of this community and hope to be for many more years. All we ask is for the same dedication back. To those businesses and charities that have allowed us to be a part of your growth, thank you.

 If you would like to speak with me further, please do not hesitate to contact me, Ryan Loyva at 403-649-3878.

 Ryan Loyva

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