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Branding with a Purpose

Over the past few months, we have undergone some extensive changes at Cohesion Media. Change can often be a difficult time for small businesses; however, it is also a very exciting  time where new avenues and opportunities open up. We have made the decision to expanded our services, cementing the fact that we are truly a one stop source for business marketing needs. We brought a new team member on board who specializes in Marketing & Research, and her education combined with our experience allows us to now offer a one-on-one branding assessment session prior to starting the design process for our projects.

Cohesion Media now offers a full marketing analysis for clients who wish to better understand their marketing, and want to create a marketing plan that maximizes their advertising dollars. Here are just a few of the questions we discuss extensively while creating a logo, website or a new marketing plan for our clients: 

Question Mark


• Who is your current customer base? (age, gender, location, what they want out of your service, and other defining traits)
• Why is your company unique in comparison to other companies that provide similar services?
• What do you want your potential customers to know/feel/think about your company?


By addressing these, as well as many other factors, we are able to create a strong corporate brand that is fresh, appealing and focused on attracting new business for our clients.

Is it time for a fresh new look for your business?

Get it. Together

By Ryan Loyva

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